Concert — Wednesday March 29 - 8: — duration: 1h30

Couleurs passées - sons futurs

Radio Télévision Suisse, studio Ansermet — Price A: 30-20-15-10 fr.

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Hugues Dufourt
France 1943
L'Asie d'après Tiepolo (2008-2009) 25’

Oscar Bianchi
Italy/Switzerland 1975
Contingency (2017) **
pour deux groupes instrumentaux

*** entracte ***

Maurice Ohana
France 1913-1992
Tombeau de Claude Debussy (1962) 30’
pour solistes et orchestre

Catriona Bühler
Collegium Novum Zürich
Emilio Pomàrico


After more than ten years' absence, the Collegium Novum Zürich returns to Archipel with a programme spanning more than fifty years in the history of music, following the theme of the same sensibility. In 1962, Ohana celebrated the centenary of Debussy's birth and makes resonances vibrate in third tones that he claimed to perceive in the French master's harmony. Dufourt takes the allegory of Asia, a fresco by Tiepolo, as the anticipated manifesto of a chaotic, faded, spectral world, prefiguring our art and its music. Bianchi, finally, heir to this auditory and visual sensibility, perpetuates its historical tradition.

Archipel 2017
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