Concert — Friday March 31 - 8: — duration: 1h30

Corrosions électroniques

Alhambra — Price A: 30-20-15-10 fr.

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Jonathan Harvey
Great Britain 1939
Bhakti (1982) 53’
pour ensemble et électronique

Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain
Lorraine Vaillancourt


Bhakti is a mystical piece by a Jonathan Harvey converted to Buddhism. It is also a model of transcendence and technological sophistication. Never had anyone gone so far in the reinvention of instrumental writing under the pressure of its electronic augmentation.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are sorry to announce that Ensemble Nikel will not be able to perform in this concert and that we had to cancel the world premiere of Philippe Hurel's piece Global corrosion. We apologize for the inconvenience in the programme.

Archipel 2017
© Archipel 2017
Coproduction Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain.

Concert enregistré par la RTS-Espace 2. Diffusion le 11 juin 2017 22h, émission «Musique d’avenir».
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