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Le Thé des poissons

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Samuel Sighicelli
France 1972
Benjamin de la Fuente
France 1969
Le Thé des poissons (2016-2017) 1h *
spectacle pour enfants sur des textes de Piret Raud

Giuseppe Molino
Aurélie Baudet
Landy Andriamboavonjy
Sébastien Hervier
Ying-Hui Wang
Ambre Senator
stage design
Bénédicte Jolys


An egg that does yoga, a soldier on the moon... These are the heroes of these little stories told in body and music. But don't be mistaken: here, music is the joyous explosion of the multiple sound possibilities of instruments, mouths or objects, and closely expressing the characters' incidents. Whimsical tales and musical creation based on a text by the Estonian writer Piret Raud (born 1971). This is a group of miniature tales staging objects from daily life, animated in a language and spirit close to Surrealism. Around this text, the show brings together the composers Samuel Sighicelli and Benjamin de la Fuente, choreographer Ambra Senatore and five performers (singers, percussionists, actor-dancer). Spectacle for ages 7 and above.

Avec le soutien du Fonds Mécénat SIG.
Production Spirito-Chœurs et Solistes de Lyon. Coproduction Le Toboggan-Décines et Sphota-Coopérative d’invention musicale. Dans le cadre de l’APSV-Région Rhône-Alpes.
En co-accueil avec le Théâtre Am Stram Gram.
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