Dominique Schafer

Vers une présence réelle…  (2014)  #15’40”
pour ensemble

In concert
J'ai tendu des cordes de clocher à clocher - 03.25 8:


Vers une présence réelle… (2014), composed for nine instruments, is conceptualized for three trios that may be spatially separated on stage: a piano trio, a Debussy trio, and a wind trio. The three groups are musically fully integrated and are never really independent, but at times take on a degree of autonomy, interact and culminate at various points as a mixed ensemble. The work

unfolds within several large arches, incorporating ideas of fleeting moments that return again in transformed versions. The piece takes its idea from the transient quality of consciousness and the hazy perception of our senses that intermittently form into a clear awakening, either within a short interval or over a long arch of time. This work was commissioned and premiered by Ensemble Proton Bern.

Dominique Schafer