Simone Conforti

WeWillNeverBeGreatAgain  (2017)  #15’ — création mondiale
pour voix, flûte à bec et électronique

A non theatrical theatre, an attempt to look at reality detached from its apparent realism, a try to change perspective and reformulate and highlight the crisis of the occidental common mindset and the prevailing populism that has brought to the current political scene. The 2016 ended with a collection of unexpected answers by the occidental world's population in response to the economic instability and the insecurity against the rearrangement of the world equilibriums. A kind of cycle which can be seen, potentially, as even more terrific in respect to those populistic mechanisms that destroyed the humanity in the last century. Nowadays in fact, rather than the feelings of terror, is systematically applied the sneaky technique of the enchantment and the false friendship connoted by a grotesque humour. These contrasts, these contradictions and this ridiculousness, for the tragic message these are accompanied by, have provoked in me the need to relate to them in a musical form and, the only way I personally found, was to try

to enhance and highlight the profound violence which is animating this new/old political wind.  The composition is thought as a fanta-theatre in which nothing is theatrical in a human form but where everything is permeated by a recitation communicated through the sound. Everything stays on the level of the music and the music takes the form of a tool through which meditate on what remains really in our hands, after having deleted the image's impact from the political communication mentioned above. Thanks to the freedom given by shaping the sound matter I had the opportunity of using the same sneaky language and transform the meaning, implicit and explicit, of the excerpts of some collected political messages outside from their context. Reformulate the many contents' contradictions, far from their indivisible connection with the public image, allowed me to strengthen the fact that, in the present political scene, the same person can contradict himself repeatedly without creating any real scandal in the vastness of the sleepy electors.