Ernesto Molinari

clarinette contrebasse

The Swiss clarinetist, Ernesto Molinari, was born in Lugano, Switzerland in 1956. He studied clarinet in Basel and bass clarinet in Amsterdam and is an accomplished soloist on each of the instruments in the clarinet family. Numerous compositions have been composed especially for him and his fearless approach to playing has inspired a new generation of clarinet players. From 1994 to 2005 he was clarinetist in the Viennese Soloist Ensemble Klangforum Wien. He has

performed as a soloist and chamber musician in renowned music festivals (Salzburg, Paris, Lucerne, Berlin, etc.)throughout Europe and around the world and is at home with classical music as well as contemporary music and jazz. Presently professor for clarinet at the HKB (College of Arts) in Bern, Switzerland, Ernesto Molinari has also been teaching at the International Music Institute in Darmstadt since 2000 as well as the Impuls Academy in Graz since 1999.