Lemanic Modern Ensemble

Founded in 2005 by Jean-Marc Daviet and Jean-Marie Paraire, the Lemanic Modern Ensemble has quickly forged an outstanding reputation for quality and musicality through its in-depth work on the modern and contemporary repertoire. Its concert series at the Scène Rhône-Alpes de Château-Rouge (Annemasse), the Archipel Festival in Geneva, the Théâtre de Vienne, the Festival des Jardins Musicaux de Cernier, the Dampfzentrale in Berne, the SIMC in Lausanne, and the ZhDK in Zurich have given it extensive experience in performing music of German, Italian, and French aesthetics.

Its musicians’ commitment to educational activities has led them to organise an annual composition and performance workshop in collaboration with Lausanne High

School of Music (Hemu) and the Fondation Royaumont (Paris) have welcome them in residence in 2013.

The vast repertoire of the Lemanic Modern Ensemble integrates both key works of modernity that newer or more experimental, through many commissions and the Ensemble has worked closely with composers like Ivan Fedele, Stefano Gervasoni, Ricardo Eizirik, Xavier Dayer, Bruno Mantovani, Michael Jarrell, Oscar Bianchi or Eric Gaudibert for the realization of their works.

International tours of the Lemanic Modern Ensemble have recently take place in Paris (Royaumont Abbey 2013) St Petersburg (Music Festival 2014) Shanghai (7th New Music Week 2014) Avignon (Festival 2015) and within the Venice Biennale (October 2015).