Hervé Bailly-Basin

régie vidéo

Born in 1958, Hervé Bailly-Basin studied visual arts and philosophy. He lives and works in France, in the Annecy region.

His pictorial investigations in the 1980s led him to use computer graphics technologies that were just emerging at the time. The project of a « pursuit of painting through other means » was soon overstepped by the possibility, henceforth accepted, of blending, in the same substance, images of photographic origin and visual elements produced ex nihilo.

Initially practised with a purely heuristic aim, the recording of transitory states of the image/picture would, beginning

in 1994, give rise to the realization of sequential works, combining digital synthesis with materials derived from video shots.

« When immobility shatters, silence breaks up » : thus is posed the question of the image-sound relationship, treated in the poetic register of synesthesic « correspondences », in collaboration, for nine works to date, with Tristan Murail.

A particularity of Hervé Bailly-Basin’s approach is to be situated at the edge between visual arts, dance and music, in this space where digital technologies have provided new ways to achieving poetic intentions.