Ying-Hui Wang


Over the past 33 years, Ying-Hui Wang has discovered music through piano and percussion. After studying in Taiwan where she is from, she has lived 17 years in France. These years allowed her to discover the musical theater with G.Sylvestre, J.P Drouet and G.Aperghis, to study zarb with F.Bedel, to better understand contemporary music with J.Geoffroy and H.C Caget. She met the composers K.Naëgelen, B.Clouteau, B.Ducol, J.Bertholon, R.Biston, J.Blondeau, thus creating relationships that she pursues today, enriched with new encounters as with G.Crumb , I. Malec, S. Borrel, K.Saariaho, H. Lachenmann, J-Y.Bosseur, Siu-Siu Chang and Kuang-Ying Yi. With the pianist E. Maggesi, she formed the Cthulhu duo and devoted herself to the creation and interpretation of the rich

repertory of this formation. She performed in France at the festivals of Bourges, Manca, Musica, MIA, Musiques Démesurées, Les Voix de Prieuré, Les Théâtralia, Journées Grame, Percutantes Vacances in Marmande; In the U.S.A at Georges Crumb Festival, Oberlin; In Switzerland at the Eklekto Festival and Music and Science Festival; Taiwan, Taipei Traditional Arts Festival, Taipei Children's Arts Festival, Taipei Fringe Festival. She takes part in several performances, with Cie sol y Tu in Alice in Wonder, creation (2007); Kenal-kenalan, creation (2011); In her percussion quartet IXTLA for Evénement sans titre ll, creation (2007) and Alpaya, en bleu et cendres ,creation (2009). She tries to share the pleasure of music by teaching and playing with the people she enjoys.