Sofiia Suldina


Sofiia Suldina is a Ukrainian violinist. In January 2015 she has her first Master Perfomance in the Lucerne – Music Highschool finished . In the spring semester 2015 she started Master of Contemporary Music at the same university. Before that she studied in Ukraine. During these years, she has gained a lot of experience as a soloist and as a member of the ensembles. She has collaborated with such Ukrainian composer, as Valentin Silvestrov, Sergey Pilyutikov and premiered many pieces. Because of the aspiration for the musical and artistic development, Sofiia Suldina had a place in spring 2012 in the class of Prof. Sebastian Hamann at the Hochschule Luzern - Musik

She particularly likes contemporary music. In years 2013 - 2015 she actively participated at the Academy of Contemporary Music at the Hochschule Luzern - Music. Since this time she knew the Italian-Swiss composer Oscar Bianchi with whom they very actively collaborated. In September

2015 Sofiia Suldina was invited to Buenos Aires International Theatre Festival. She has performed the music of Oscar Bianchi in the theater show «The Past» by Constanza Macras.

As a chamber musician and soloist, she plays regularly at festivals and projects in different cities of Switzerland, Europe and South America. She was involved in 2013 in «Odysseus» project of the Lucerne Theatre. In January 2014, she was invited to play with the Ensemble «Nostri Temporis» at the festival «ensembl [: E:] urope» in Cologne. In September 2014, she has played with the ensemble “Helix” at the Lucerne Festival. In addition to the chamber musical activities Sofiia Suldina has also worked as concertmaster of the Junge Philharmonie Central Switzerland. In September 2015 she won the I. prize in the Nicati competition. As winner she had the concert at the Lucerne festival in September 2016.

Now Sofiia Suldina is the violinist in Ensemble of Nomads.