Ingrid Schoenlaub


Ingrid Schoenlaub was trained by Philippe Muller at the Conservatoire National Supérieur in Paris and Frans Hemerson at the Musikhochschule in Cologne. Her instrumental and musical approach are inspired by the movement of dance which she broaches with the dancer, Wilfride Piollet. Her qualities are brought out particularly well by the nature of the exchange in playing chamber music. Her concerts with the pianists Sodi Braide and Sarah Lavaud, and the violinists Amanda Favier, Olivia Hughes and Ayako Tanaka are part of this quest for complicity between musicians. Her concert activities mean that she has played as a soloist, accompanied by various orchestras, and as

a member of several groups (Paris Mozart Orchestra, 2e2m, Cairn, Ensemble Sillages, London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, etc.). Her curiosity has led her to the meeting points of different art forms, looking for new ways of exploiting instrument and instrumentalist in space. In 2008, with Laure Daugé, her dancer-choreographer associate, she was artist in residence at Montreal, invited by the Quebec Conseil des Arts et Lettres. With the director, Marie Tikova (Cie Feux de la Rampe), she created Jean de la Fontaine’s “Fables Amoureuses”, a performance for two actors and a cellist. Her extraordinary companion on this journey is an 18th century Venetian cello.