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Prötön - 04.02 11:
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Following up the already existing chamber ensemble musicura formed first by grammar pupils, ensemble ö! was founded by David Sontòn Caflisch in 2002. While musicura was only partly including pieces of New Music, ensemble ö!’s focus lied entirely on this musical genre. Including other instruments and becoming more experimental, the members had become ambitious and professional musicians with a special affinity for music of our time. Today ensemble ö! consists of eight regular musicians. Depending on the programme, they work with additional artists such as guest conductors or musicians and even other art disciplines (actors, voice artists, painters etc.). Before ensemble ö!’s time, New Music in the

Canton of Graubünden was rare. Violonist and composer David Sontòn Caflisch wished to oppose this status and give space to this musical type. Today – 13 years after his initiative – one does connect Graubünden and the city of Chur with New Music. This has been appreciated and acknowledged by the canton with several awards since 1999. Ensemble ö!’s seasonal programme is preceded by an overall motif and consists of six concerts that are played in the local theatre of Chur as well as in the gallery house Maison44 in Basel. Beside these persistent events, ö! plays additional concerts throughout Switzerland disposed around the year.