Archipel Ose ! Academy

International symphonic orchestra academy for young composers

© Archipel 2017

In a few words

  • Academy of symphonic writing for young composers, directed by Kaija Saariaho and Daniel Kawka conducting an orchestra of 65 musicians.
  • From March 20th to 26th, 2017, seven day workshop, meeting, rehearsals and concert in Lyon, Annemasse (France) and Geneva (Switzerland).
  • Application deadline February 1st, 2017
  • Open to composers born from January 1st, 1985 onwards (32 years old in 2017 or younger).
  • Application must be done on the Ulysses-network platform

The Academy

The exceptional nature of this composition academy, organised for the first time by Archipel and Ose! Symphony Orchestra, stems from the training offered to young composers (an orchestra of 65 musicians), rehearsal time granted to them (2 partials, 2 tutti, dress and concert for each student - well beyond what they will encounter during the course of their symphonic career), and, above all, the quality and reputation of the supervision: Kaija Saariaho, super-star of Finnish music whose orchestral works and operas are performed on the most prestigious venues, and Daniel Kawka, founder-conductor of the Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain and Ose ! Symphonic Orchestra, a frequent guest at Archipel and experienced in the training of young artists.

The six interns selected on the basis of the application in February 2017, will write a short piece for orchestra that will be rehearsed then premiered in concert at the end of a 7-day Academy taking place successively in Lyon (March 20-22), Annemasse (March 23-25) and Geneva (March 26: public reading and concert).

Conditions for participation in the Archipel Ose ! Academy

  • Open to young composers born from January 1st, 1985 onwards (32 years old or younger).
  • Candidate selection will be made by Archipel Festival and Ose! Symphony Orchestra based on the applications.
  • Course languages : English and French.
  • The course is limited to 6 participants.

Application requirements

All the materiel must be sent in digital form on the Ulysses-network platform and the application must contain :

  • A letter of interest in French or English
  • A detailed CV French/English
  • A short biography (1000 characters max.)
  • A royalty free photo for web publication

  • 3 scores per canditate, no more, with at least one orchestral score.
  • It is not mandatory but highly recommended to send recordings of the scores, if they exist.
  • Scores must have graphic realization and interpretation guidelines in international standard.


The course fee of 300 € covers the following:

  • All
master class courses, rehearsals and concert
  • Accomodation in hotel or appartment in Lyon (4 nights), Annemasse and Geneva (3 nights)
  • Travel between Lyon, Annemasse and Geneva during the course
  • Meals and drinks are not included.

    You must also pay the subscription fees to the Archipel and Ose! associations (2 x 50 €).

    Selected composers

    The selection process wil take no more than 10 days after deadline (February 1st, 2017). Then the six selected composers will have to send an orchestral piece of no more than 10' for rehearsal during the Academy.

    This piece can be a new or an existing work and must be written for the following musicians :

    • Woodwinds and brass instruments: - = 19 instruments
      • 2nd flute plays also piccolo
      • 2nd oboe plays also French horn
      • 2nd clarinet plays also bass clarinet
    • Percussions: timbales + 2 percussionnists (a list of percussions will be sent)
    • 1 harp
    • 12 1st Violins - 10 2nd Violins - 8 altos - 8 cellos - 4 doublebasses (1 with 5 strings) = 42 strings

    No piano - No electronics

    We will not accept concertant pieces, or pieces with electronics. All the works will be conducted.

    The parts will be provided by the composers in a PDF file before the beginning of March 2017 for orchestral and conducting preparation. Printed scores and parts will then be realized by the composers for the course itself and brought by them in Lyon.

    Archipel and Ose ! will decide the choice of the program for the last concert.


    Each student will have 2 partials, 2 tutti, and a dress rehearsal before the concert. Plus teaching by Daniel Kawka and private meetings with Kaija Saariaho.

    In March

    • 19, Lyon : arrival of the students in Lyon
    • 20-21-22, morning and afternoon, Lyon : rehearsal of the students pieces (2 tutti + 2 partials per day)
    • 22 evening, Lyon : public presentation of the workshop during the Biennale Musiques en Scène.
    • 23 morning : car to Annemasse (2 hours).
    • 23 afternoon, 24 and 25 morning and afternoon, Annemasse: rehearsal of the students pieces (2 tutti + 2 partials per day)
    • 25, Annemasse: Kaija Saariaho meets the composers for private lessons
    • 26, Geneva
      • 10:30am - 12am : public rehearsal of the selected pieces with presentations by the composers
      • 12am - 1pm : Kaija Saariaho public seminar
      • 2:30pm - 4pm : dress rehearsal
      • 5pm : concert at Alhambra, Geneva during the Archipel festival