Répétition publique — Sunday March 26 - 10:30am — duration: 1h30

Académie Archipel Ose! - lecture publique
sous la direction de Daniel Kawka et le parrainage de Kaija Saariaho

Alhambra — Free admission

Program upload

Adrien Trybucki
France 1993
Heroa (2017) 10’ **
pour orchestre

Frej Wedlund
Sweden 1991
unfulfilled (2017) 7’30” **
pour orchestre

Carolina Cerezo Dávila
Spain 1993
Champ vide (2017) **
sur «Espacios (luces)»

Michael Taplin
Great Britain 1991
Swirling Tides (2015/2017) 8’ **
pour orchestre

Eugène Birman
United States/Russia 1987
Manifesto (2014/2017) 10’ **
pour orchestre

Sarah Lianne Lewis
Great Britain 1988
Is there no seeker of dreams that were? (2016-2017) 11’ **
pour orchestre symphonique

Orchestre symphonique Ose!
Daniel Kawka

The exceptional nature of this composition academy, organised for the first time by Archipel and OSE L'Orchestre, comes from the training offered to young composers (an orchestra of 65 musicians), the rehearsal time granted them (2 partials, 2 tutti, dress and concert for each one - well beyond what they will often have in the course of their symphonic career), and, above all, the quality and renown of the supervision: Kaija Saariaho, super-star of Finnish music whose orchestral works and operas are performed in the most prestigious venues, and Daniel Kawka, founder-conductor of the Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain and OSE L'Orchestre, a frequent guest at Archipel and experienced in the training of young artists.

The six interns selected on the basis of the applicants' dossier in January 2017, will write a short piece for orchestra that will be rehearsed then premiered in concert at the end of a 7-day academy taking place successively in Lyon (20-22 March), Annemasse (23-25 March) and Geneva (26 March: public reading and concert).

Archipel 2017
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